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About us

The Rayseen journey began with us recognizing the need for high end shoe wear in the Pakistani market.

But taking a step back, this story began with Ray when she noticed the absence of options for women to get access to exclusive shoe wear which was differentiated from the traditional designs being offered in the market. This was a personal problem she faced so the only way was either to buy from abroad or at exorbitant prices from international brands in Pakistan.

This is when Seen came into the story. Ray was telling this immense problem she had been facing constantly and that’s when the idea hit and Seen thought of starting their own exclusive shoe wear line for women in Pakistan providing them with curated designs at competitive price. Coupling Ray's artistic skills and Seen's marketing expertise. And that is how Rayseen was born with the vision of “transforming your style with modern shoe wear that take any look from day to night”.


Mawra Hocane