Sparkle fancy flats in gold finish on Rayseen Store.
Rayseen Store's Sparkle toe-ring sandals in a refreshing gold finish.
Gold toe-ring sandals, Sparkle, decorated with gilded embellishments on Rayseen Store
All-day walkable Sparkle flats in gold with gilded details at Rayseen Store
Close-up view of the gilded embellishments on the Sparkle flats from Rayseen Store


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The fancy flats are set to become a permanent fixture in your everyday wardrobe. Our latest addition Sparkle, comes in a match-all refreshing gold finish and is decorated with gilded embellishments for top marks. These toe-ring sandals also offer all-day walkability. Show them off with capri pants, a trendy top and maybe a belt bag.

Color: Golden


Size: 36 Size Guide


Sparkle Flat Shoes: A Revolution in Ladies' Footwear in Pakista

When you hear "Sparkle Flat Shoes," what comes to mind? It's a name that promises dazzle, luxury, and elegance. And that's precisely what our Sparkle delivers, right from the bustling streets of Lahore to the coastal winds of Karachi, the political corridors of Islamabad, and the cultural vibes of Rawalpindi.

Fashioned for the modern Pakistani woman, these shoes elegantly blend tradition with contemporary style. The Sparkle Flat Shoes are not just any regular footwear; they are a statement. A pair that promises to elevate your style game to the next level.

Material & Design: An Artistic Ode to Craftsmanship

Each Sparkle shoe is a testament to artistic craftsmanship. Its refreshing gold finish offers a universal appeal, while gilded embellishments add a touch of traditional allure. A match made in heaven, these shoes merge style with sophistication.

Benefits and Features: Why Sparkle Stands Out

Comfort Beyond Belief

The essence of flat shoes lies in comfort, and Sparkle promises just that. Imagine a day without any foot pain or discomfort. That's the magic of Sparkle!

All-Rounder Style

Versatility is Sparkle's middle name. Be it a casual day out, a formal gathering, or a festive occasion, these flat shoes are the companions you've been searching for. From jeans to shalwar kameez, they shine with every outfit.

Usage Instructions: Ensuring Durability & Style

Taking Care of the Sparkle

Maintaining the shine and dazzle of your Sparkle Flat Shoes is as simple as a soft wipe with a cloth. Occasional care ensures their longevity, ensuring they remain a staple in your wardrobe.

Pairing Your Sparkle

The versatility of the Sparkle Flat Shoes knows no bounds. Opt for a casual look with capri pants and a trendy top or go traditional with a beautiful shalwar kameez.

Size Information: The Perfect Fit for Pakistani Women

Choosing the right size online can sometimes be a gamble. But, worry not! Our detailed size guide is designed specifically for Pakistani women, ensuring you find your ideal fit every single time.

At Rayseen Store, we understand the essence of Pakistani culture and fashion. Our Sparkle Flat Shoes are a testament to that understanding, offering a perfect blend of tradition, style, and comfort.


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